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How to Choose Torsion Springs

11/28/2014 Back To Blog

What's your knowledge of torsion springs? When new garage door springs are needed, you ought to know which ones are proper for your own door. You cannot select randomly but give great importance to the actual requirements of your overhead door. You need to take into consideration its weight and consider whether you have made any changes recently. In the case of the latter, you need to confirm that the properties (weight, width and overall size) of the new door haven't changed.


Give attention to details


The torsion spring is housed or passed through a shaft and applies torque to it. As the door opens and closes the spring winds and unwinds accordingly. The winds must be chosen carefully and installed properly in order for the shaft to rotate right and with the expected amount of force so that the door can be lifted. Many garage doors have two torsion springs either for higher safety in the case one breaks or due to the large size of the panel. You'll need winds for each spring on both sides and the secret is to get a left one for the right size and a right one for the left side since the former rotates clockwise and the latter counterclockwise.


It's definitely important to measure the length of the unwound springs and this will include counting the coils. You must never include the cones at the end parts and you should always remember to keep your fingers away. Sometimes, the length of the overhead door springs is inscribed on them or on the cones and this is definitely helpful. If you have two springs, measure both. Although most of the times springs are of the same size, this is not always the case.


The next step is to measure the distance among the inner part of the coils and this will give you the inside diameter of the spring. When you choose springs, you must take their use into consideration. The larger the door, the wider the inside diameter! The thickness of the coils is also important. Though, springs are usually damaged and there's not an accurate way to measure them correctly. It's best if you measure 20 coils together and divide the inches by this number. So, if your measurement shows 10 inches, you must divide 10 with 20 and the wire size will be .500. Such measurements are extremely vital for the right selection of the torsion spring garage door system.


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